Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie (Sinistre)

Comme j’ai dit sur mon blog en anglais, je suis venue à Paris parce que je trouve la ville très vive. Il a été donc très difficle à faire des photos eerie, ça veut dire sinistre, inquietante, angoissante, étrange, quelque chose qui donne le frission. Après sortir deux soirs consecutifs, et retournir sans bonnes photos, je suis allée au cimetière.

J’ai utilisé Paint.net pour faire des changements aux images.


9 réflexions sur “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie (Sinistre)

    • Yes. There’s a whole list of the famous people burried there on Wikipedia. You can get a map that shows you where the all are. It’s a pretty big place. I took some photos of those graves as well, but they aren’t as creepy. The more famous people seem to have well maintained graves. The place was built in the nineteenth century, but they moved some people’s remains there to make it feel significant quickly. Heloise and Abelard are buried there, for instance.

      Despite the creepy pictures, it’s actually a pretty pleasant place for a stroll.

      • My wife and found it once, but just the cemetery. We were distracted by all the history around us. Who needs to follow the trail of joints to Morrison’s grave? Then there’s the cemetery near Montmartre…………

      • I understand how you feel I basically went there to get some pictures. That I saw some famous people’s graves was decidedly secondary. I’ve never been to Montmartre Cemetery, Montparnasse or Passy.

      • In Paris, it often seems good to just have one destination and then just ‘stumble’ across things along the way. When nearing the hotel, grab a bottle of wine at a store, then back into the hotel, sit at the window and wonder over the entire experience while drinking deeply. Ah………

      • Since I’m travelling alone, I’ve been doing my drinking in cafés. It’s less lonely that way and you can meet interesting people, but I definitely understand your point.

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